Sunday, May 16, 2010

Feminist Rants, Come On!

Anyone who knows me does not know this about me.

I am a fairly moderate republican with socially liberal tendencies- obviously. I care about the welfare of human beings and equality among all- and equal chances among all, but not socialism. I don't think it's okay for everyone to be equal, because there is naturally going to be hierarchy among mammals, humans not excluded.

I think it's horrible how extremely sexist our society is. No matter where you go or what you do, it's a male dominated world. Take for example, something as harmless as a billboard. On this specific billboard, there is a woman. She is half-dressed, of course, and she is advertising a women's perfume.

What makes an advertiser/marketer think that seeing a "perfect" woman on billboard smothering herself in perfume is what women want? Furthermore, why is it that women want to look perfect? What is perfect? Why is it that Jay Leno can stroll around in his suit and belly while Katie Couric has to wear skirts and worry about her appearance? And Katie Couric still doesn't make as much as Jay Leno does, nor will she ever.

There ought to be more awareness about how much men dominate the media, and how much they control what women think and feel. What might be even worse is how much women succumb to these messages and images.

Fellow women, it's NOT cool! We don't need to do something for men. We don't need to change what we are for men. It's pathetic, and I can say for sure it'll be okay if I never marry a man. I can make it through my life being completely happy without a man by my side.

I hate the dependency women have on men. It's created by the media generated by money and units sold. Media doesn't care about how someone feels after seeing an ad.

I'd like to think that women would be able to take a stand- but alas, there will always those stupid women in life who giggle and flirt and flaunt everything they have because it makes them feel more self worth, or whatever feeling they want.

I just want people to know that men rule this country. Men decide everything, men make money off women, and men wouldn't be as successful as they are if women didn't take their clothes off the way they do. Think on that. Old men are successful because of young, naked women. Pathetic.

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